Trillium Brewing Company


When I was in town for Extreme Beer Fest a couple weeks ago I had the chance to run over to Trillium Brewing Company, Boston’s freshest little brewery (surprisingly, the only other breweries in the city itself are Boston Beer (Sam Adams) and Harpoon). As it so happened, the day I was there also happened to be Trillium’s first birthday, and the line just to get into the taproom was half an hour long (though I suspect this is an everyday occurrence), and I suspect some of the folks waiting in it just were drawn in by the smell of hops wafting out into the alleyway.


Trillium is part of a trend of ‘urban farmhouse’ breweries popping up in cities in all over North America (North Brewing in Halifax and Bellwoods in Toronto may be some more familiar examples), complete with recycled wooden signage and bartop, hundred year old reused metal and windows through which you can check out what they’ve got barrel-ageing. Their namesake beer is a farmhouse style ale, but it’s with their American styled beers that they really set themselves apart.


No doubt their best-seller, Fort Point Pale Ale is a very welcome take on your classic American pale ale, with an aroma so fruity and juicy you might start to think the hops were grown on a grapefruit farm. The beer’s as cloudy as a day in Saint John, and it seems to err on the green side of yellow, making it even look  hoppy, and it’s just so beautifully dank. I’ve been neglecting washing my growler out in favour of occasionally cracking it open and taking a big whiff of the hoppy remnants. Yeah. I should probably wash it out. The beer itself is named after the neighbourhood in which Trillium is located in Boston, which, much like Trillium, seems to be making new out of what was once old and  tired. I ate the most delicious blueberry muffin I’d ever had just up the street at Flour Bakery the next day.


I also picked up a bottle of their high abv. (relative to style) oatmeal porter, Pot & Kettle. The bottle was so big I decided to add some of the beer to a batch of chocolate salted caramel cupcakes, then pair the two. Wow.



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