Beer and food clearly have a lot in common; they’re both borne of the creative minds of taste-driven individuals and both can range highly in flavour, colour, aroma and mouthfeel. But travel lends itself well to both things too, at least in my experience. There’s certainly something to be said about brand loyalty, but when it comes to craft beer, it’s the taste that counts. This generally requires some travelling, and even if it doesn’t, hitting the road is (at least) half the fun!

So I wanted to create a website that I thought I would use myself. I’ll be frequently updating my beer trails guide so that you’ll know exactly where to go and what to drink wherever you are in North America. Otherwise, you can catch me at beer festivals and pubs around the continent, or in my kitchen trying to get all the flavours right – or writing about all of those things. Cheers!


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  1. Nicely done Covey, this website is impressive and the writing is awesome man, keep it up! I’ll be in Cuba later this evening for a week, reading your mexico stories has made me wonder what Cuba has for local pop’s. I’ll see what I can learn and share it with you, then if you find yourself there soon you’ll have some tips.

    Cheers Bro!


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